planning ahead

planning ahead before going out

A good checklist is HALTS - if you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, Sad or Sick ask yourself 'do I really want to go out?'

It may be better to stay home or go to a close friend's place, rather than getting toasted and partying. If friends look down or unwell, suggest the same to them.

Before you go:

  • A good meal (especially carbohydrates) and some non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated drinks before leaving home will give you energy reserves
  • A good (no drama) night out is best with trusted friends
  • It’s best to find out the strength of any gear. If injecting organise your works and use before leaving home
  • Tell each other what drugs – and how much – you’re planning to take.
  • Arrange safe transport, meeting times, and locations with a back-up plan.

Items to remember:

  • Cool clothes and maybe a jacket for in-between clubs and afterwards.
  • Sunglasses for dawn.
  • Phone card or cell phone.
  • Door key.
  • Condoms and lube.
  • Put aside $ for cab (leave $ at home to pay for return cab if you have money management problems).
  • A sipper bottle that can be refilled in the bathroom can reduce dehydration.

At the venue:

  • Suss out the layout: exits, chill room, fans, coat check, etc.
  • See if water is free or if cold water is on in the bathrooms.

If going to a private or underground party:

  • Take a supply of water (sippers) unless you definitely know some will be there.
  • Suss out the layout especially the location of first aid or support crew.
  • Extra warm clothing may be required.
  • You may need back-up plans i.e. a meeting place if the party is closed down.