Medical Detoxification Service

CADS Medical Detoxification services are for people who have a physical dependence on alcohol and other drugs (e.g. methamphetamines, benzos, opiates).

Physical dependence is when people:

  • need to increase how much they take to get the same effect
  • experience physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking or using drugs.

CADS has two medical detox services to support people to withdraw or reduce their use or stabilise on medications:

  • The Community and Home Detox Service (CHDS) team can support you at home or in the community
  • The in-patient unit is for people who need 24 hour medical supervision.

If you would like to know whether detox might be an appropriate option for you or you have questions about the detox process you can phone us on 09 845 1818 or visit a walk-in clinic (10am - 1pm Mon - Fri) at CADS North, South, West or Central. Please note: there is no walk-in clinic at Pitman House.

About the inpatient unit

Our unit has 10 beds and 24-hour medical supervision.

  • It has a quiet and confidential visitors room
  • The bedrooms contain a single bed, chair, wardrobe and a window
  • There are two lounges one with a pool table, TV, sofa and lots of games
  • In our courtyard we have a BBQ, picnic tables, grassy area and gardens