Alcohol Drug Helpline (external link) (external link)

To assess your or someone else's drinking, to find information and advice. (external link)

Alcohol Healthwatch
(external link)
Raising awareness, building knowledge and skills, promoting healthy public policy and best practice, fostering coalitions and networks

Bridge Programme (Salvation Army) (external link)
The Bridge offers a range of free and confidential services to anyone experiencing harm caused by alcohol or other drug use

drughelp (external link) Learn from other New Zealanders' experiences, gain insights into your own use, and access support to get your life under control

Drug Info Clearinghouse (external link)
Information about alcohol and other drugs and the prevention of related harms

Drug Education NZ (external link) Up-to-date education, training and resources

Matua Raki: National Addiction Workforce Development (external link) Addiction related resources, tools and information

Mental Health Foundation of NZ (external link)
Expanding the awareness of mental health promotion

methhelp (external link) For people concerned about their own or someone else's meth use

(external link)
Ministry of Health (external link)

Needle Exchange Programme (external link)

New Zealand Drug Foundation
(external link)

Odyssey House (external link)
Offers treatment centres and interventions for people of all ages with alcohol, other drugs, and gambling problems

Urge (external link)
Enhancing the health and well being of young New Zealanders especially 15-18 year olds

Webhealth (external link)
Giving people access to connect with health and social services

Wings Trust (external link)
Provides residential recovery based support houses in central Auckland

District health boards

Employment at CADS (external link)

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