fits (convulsions, seizures and passing out)

People can have a fit if suffering from heatstroke or an overdose. Strobe lights can cause fits in some light-sensitive individuals (e.g. some epileptics).

  • If someone is fitting, remove furniture and other nearby objects and wait until he or she has stopped before moving them. Put them in the recovery position, checking that their airway is free of obstructions.
  • Call an ambulance for medical assistance (phone 111). Ensure someone stays with the person until medical assistance arrives.
  • If someone is not breathing, use mouth-to-mouth or get someone who can do this.
  • If they are breathing and have collapsed, put them in the recovery position. Turn them on to their front, head sideways and tilted up slightly, bend arm and leg up that are on the side they are facing. Then straighten their other arm parallel to their back.

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