coming down

When coming down from stimulants or hallucinogens many users feel disorientated, fragile, anxious, down, hungry or tired. Chilling out at home or a cafe with friends can be a nice way to end the PM/AM before crashing.

Planning not to have major commitments or drive the next day is advisable. Alcohol, more drugs or caffeine can put extra strain on your system and only delays and intensifies the eventual comedown.

Some party drug users use opiates or benzos (e.g. sleeping pills) to come down. A better alternative is using fewer party drugs, less frequently, especially if tolerance (needing more and more to get the same effect or high) levels are high. Using opiates or benzos regularly increases your chance of drug dependence.

The following ideas are ways to nurture your body and mind and ensure that you are more likely to feel better when you wake (sleep being one of the best):

  • Water.
  • If dehydrated, isotonic sports drinks (e.g. Powerade, Gatorade) or Gastrolyte (from a pharmacy) are very helpful. Due to potassium interactions these products are only safe once effects of any stimulant drugs taken have worn off.
  • Multi-vitamins.
  • A good nutritious meal (protein, fresh veges and fruit – bananas are quick and easy).
  • Chill out to ambient music with friend.

Some people find they use more and more drugs, or alternate drugs (including alcohol) to avoid withdrawals or comedowns. However, for most drugs and most people, regular use increases tolerance. With this comes the increased financial, physical, mental, social and legal cost of a drug-focussed lifestyle.

If your comedowns are becoming longer and more intense, then having a break from using for at least a few weeks is the most effective option. Seek advice from a health professional.

As with most things, moderation is the key to balance and satisfaction – less is more.

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