intravenous (IV) drug use

IV drug use is potentially the most dangerous way of taking drugs because it increases the chance of ODs, contracting blood borne viruses (i.e. HIV, hepatitis) and other serious medical conditions, and can damage blood vessels.

Also, the substances used to cut gear can be more of a health hazard than the drugs, once injected into your veins. Using new fits, sterile water and equipment can prevent HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C and other infections.

DON’T share or re-use equipment:

Needle exchanges (like ADIO) can legally provide you with information, needles, filters (to get rid of the crap), sterile water, swabs and other equipment. See Contacts for needle exchange details.

Especially AVOID:

  • Gear from people you don’t know.
  • Using IV for the first time in a party environment, or alone.

IF YOU ARE CONCERNED about your own or someone else’s alcohol use, contact CADS on (09) 845-1818 or