looking after yourself and others

  •  If you are spinning out, panicky or out of breath, find a space away from the lights and music and relax, especially with friends – this can help restore some sanity.
  • Keep positive and relax, focus on bringing your breathing back to a steady rate (lean forward and rest your elbows/forearms on a table or your knees. Then breathe slow and low – your lower stomach should move out as you breathe in. Let your breath go to breathe out – don’t force it). If smoking, stop for a while to increase your oxygen supply. If possible, go outside with a friend for fresh air and to cool down.
  • Rescuing friends and taking them into a more chilled head-space can be invaluable.
  • Check in with friends if leaving by yourself or with a stranger. As well as providing a reality check, it saves others wasting time later trying to find you in the crowd.
  • If you’re being hassled at a club and have difficulty getting some freak out of your face, remember the bouncers are there to help.
  • Remember to sip water (600ml per hour) and chill out frequently. If friends have been going hard on the dance floor they may not realise how hot or dehydrated they’re getting. Encouraging them into the chill room will give them time out, and can be a chance to connect on the same vibe.