drug-assisted sexual assault

It is safest not to share drinks, accept drinks from anyone you don’t fully trust, or leave drinks unattended e.g. whilst on the dance floor. Closed sipper bottles are safer than open bottles or glasses, but it’s still safest not to leave them unattended.

If feeling unusually tired, sick, or intoxicated then ask a trusted friend to help get you home. Phone (or have someone else phone) someone you trust to pick you up. If very concerned, seek medical attention.

If taking a friend home, keep an eye on them, ensure they’re in the recovery position when lying down (see fits and passing out), and phone an ambulance if concerned or uncertain.

Taking sexual advantage of anyone too intoxicated/out of it to give informed consent – even if you didn’t give them alcohol or other drugs – is drug-assisted sexual assault. This can seriously traumatise people, land you in jail, and is totally unacceptable.

Also refer to drug-assisted sexual assault support contacts.

If you are concerned about your own or someone else's drug use, contact CADS now on 09-845 1818 or www.cads.org.nz