Opioids - harm reduction tips

  • No use is safest - especially around babies and children. If using make arrangements for children to be cared for by someone who is not using.
  • Make sure that all drugs and equipment are stored in a childproof area.
  • Avoid using alcohol and other sedatives (downers) such as benzos, tranquilisers, barbiturates with opioids as mixing them depresses the central nervous system and significantly increases the risk of sedation and overdose.
  • Always use clean equipment if injecting.
  • Take note of the dosage instructions on any pain relief medications and do not exceed the recommended dose.
  • Keep all pain relief medications whether prescribed or purchased over-the-counter from a pharmacy away from children.
  • Unless it has been prescribed for you avoid using fentanyl. It is so easy to accidentally overdose because only a very small amount is needed to do so. In other countries, deaths from fentanyl ODs have increased as fentanyl use has increased.