Cocaine - Harm reduction tips

  • No use is the safest choice.
  • Using a water nasal spray or sniffing up water immediately after snorting dissolves the residual coke and will significantly reduce the potential damage to your nose.
  • Injecting coke numbs the injection site so any damage is not felt immediately. Avoid using the same injection site when having several blasts in the same night to reduce vein damage. Getting advice and filters (to remove impurities) from your local needle exchange is also advisable.
  • If you use other stimulants then reduce your usual dose of each substance by at least half because the combined effects of coke with other drugs become more unpredictable and can increase health risks. Speedballs (IV coke and opiates) can increase the chance of an OD.
  • Drinking alcohol when using coke can be more dangerous than using either on their own due to effects on the liver.
  • Avoid continual using to prevent the crash as it makes the eventual comedown worse.
  • Heavy use increases the chances of psychotic episodes.
  • Use lube during sex. Coke can cause shrinkage guys and makes it harder to cum. Also, putting coke on genitals is not good for anyone’s bits!
  • If you have a sensitivity to other stimulants avoid using coke at all.

If you think you or a friend has taken an overdose of cocaine it is very important to seek help immediately. Call an ambulance and tell them what has been taken so that medical staff can help. You won’t get into trouble for this and you may minimise or prevent any serious long-term damage or death.