LSD - Harm reduction tips

  • No use is the safest choice. People with heart problems should never use LSD.
  • It’s best to trip only if you’re in a positive mood and with friends. Consider your personal safety and plan to keep safe before using e.g. no driving.
  • First time users: take less than a whole trip, be with an experienced tripper and ensure that you are in a safe environment with people you trust.
  • Every time: take a small amount at first to gauge the strength as it tends to vary between tabs.
  • Mixing with drugs and alcohol can increase health risks. Mixing LSD with stimulants (e.g. speed) increases the chance of a bad trip – sensory overload can lead to panic. Combining LSD with Ketamine can be extremely disorientating and should be avoided.
  • Taking large doses of LSD can bring back suppressed memories. 

If you’re having a bad trip – avoid dwelling on personal problems, use support, or change the scene or music. If you start to panic, reduce breathing to a steady rate and rationalise things. And remember – you’ll eventually come down.