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GHB, GBL & 14B (G, GBH, one4b, liquid ecstasy, fantasy)

'sorted' - safer partying drug information guide ** Community Alcohol and Drug Service (CAD) - Auckland BEWARE: Extreme caution needed.

GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate)

A hypnotic sedative drug that is cheap and easy to make. A clear, salty liquid in small bottles or powder in a capsule. Sometimes referred to as ‘liquid E’ or fantasy but its effects are more similar to alcohol than E.

GHB (immediate effects):

  • Comes on within 5 – to 20 minutes and usually lasts 1.5 - 3 hours, but may last a lot longer, with repeat dosing.
  • GBL (gamma butyrolactone), 14B or One4b (1, 4, butanediol), and sodium oxybate have similar effects to GHB and are metabolised in the body into GHB after being consumed. The experience may differ amongst individuals, but may include the following:
    • Mild euphoria, increased talkativeness, sensuality, increased confidence, disinhibition and drowsiness,
    • With high use the hang over can last for days.
  • The amount required to overdose is much lower than that for most drugs, making it potentially very dangerous, especially if used with alcohol.


With a high dose a person may experience:

  • Confusion, hallucinations, disorientation, blurred vision, vomiting, agitation, stiff muscles, fits (convulsions, seizures).
  • The gag reflex is suppressed.
  • Unconsciousness or coma, respiratory collapse (stopping breathing) and death.

Harm Reduction:

  • No use is safest.
  • Avoid if you have heart or breathing problems, epilepsy, sensitivity to other central nervous system depressants, or general poor health.
  • Avoid using drugs that also have a sedative effect (e.g. benzos, opiates, alcohol or ketamine) with GHB because this significantly increases the chance of an overdose.
  • Taking GHB is safest with friends who know what you are using in case medical attention is urgently required. Avoid taking it alone.
  • If purchasing G, check if it is GHB or GBL, as GBL is usually 2 - 3 times stronger. However individual batches of these drugs will also vary, and caution is advised if acquiring G from new sources.
  • Avoid accepting GHB or similar drugs from people you do not fully trust due to the possibility risk of rape, robbery or being left alone if you are too out of it, or unconscious.
  • Phone an ambulance if anyone falls unconscious after taking GHB or similar drugs.
  • For information regarding GHB and related substances see

IF YOU ARE WORRIED about your own or someone else’s GHB use, contact CADS on (09) 845-1818 or